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featured member - CW

Our April member of the month, CW, was born in Spokane WA but raised in Montana on 300 acres of farm land. The ranch he lived on had horses, cows and all the animals you’d expect to see on a farm. His Dad was the pastor and the chief of police of the town and his mom worked at the bakery in Troy, Mt. Towns so small, CW says, you can barely see them on a map. When he moved to Portland it was quite a culture shock for him. He saw his first skyscrapers there but when he moved to Manhattan it was an even bigger shock. He remembers when his brother took him to his first McDonald’s as they didn’t have them in the smaller towns.

His parents raised him old school style to respect his elders, but he goes above the standard for respect. When he was a community bus driver he had to seek employment elsewhere because he couldn’t help but extend friendship to those on his bus. While this is an honorable thing to do, it wasn’t allowed by the company. But CW simply couldn’t be anything but friendly.

Some things you may not know about CW is that his favorite color is black. He enjoys weight lifting, fishing, hunting (when he can find a good location to do so) and traveling. An indication of just how much he likes to travel would be that he traveled around the world three times.

CW Met his wife Nancy (pictured above) while driving a community bus. “She flagged me down to catch a ride and she’s been on the ride ever since.” CW and Nancy officially became a couple in 1999 and married in 2000. He is very appreciative of his wife, and it’s obvious. He and his wife adopted a little dog about a year ago. They rescued this little deer Chihuahua from an abusive situation. The first month she was afraid when people would come near her because of her past but it only took a month for her to learn that CW and Nancy couldn’t be kinder. Now she can’t live without them as much as they can’t live without her.

When CW moved back to Grants Pass in 1998 he did so to live closer to his father, so that he could take care of his father. When he asked his wife Nancy to marry him she told him she would on one condition, if he allowed her to help him take care of his father. And though at first he was concerned about what this one condition may be, he was pleasantly surprised and confident that he made the right decision to ask her to marry him.

CW is as tough as they come. He was diagnosed with a bone disease because of a prior injury and he made a full recovery. He also fell 3 ½ stories, breaking his back and neck in the fall. For his healing he thanks God and those that supported him. At one time CW weighed 300 pounds and had to use a cane to get around. He now weighs 247 pounds, looks and feels great, and is walking around cane-free. He has been coming to the Club since September 2017. His favorite thing to do when he comes here is weight lifting. He extends a thanks Club Northwest for his current health and is grateful to God for watching over him. CW, we thank you for sharing your kind soul with us, we look forward to more time spent with you.

featured member