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featured member - Aubrey Davidson

Our February member of the month, Aubrey Davidson, believes yellow to be the happiest color. That’s why it’s her favorite. Aubrey has a lot of favorites because she finds joy in the little things, like the place that she lives.

Born in Ogden Utah, Aubrey graduated with honors from Roy High school. After a brief time away, she moved back to Grants Pass 4 months ago. Her husband loves the outdoors and living near the woods is something he wanted to do, so Grants Pass seemed like the ideal home. Aubrey loves making her family happy. In her family, she has 4 brothers and 2 sisters, one of them being Whitney Lewis, the Club’s Burlesque instructor. Aubrey and her husband, Cole, also have two sons, 8 month old Archer and 2 year old Hank.

While in Utah, Aubrey attended the Paul Mitchell Beauty School in Salt Lake City. In beauty school, she was asked what her goal career was and she informed her teachers that what she wanted to be most was a mom. Though this didn’t correlate with her schooling, the education she gained made for a good hobby in the meantime and added to her skillset. While enrolled in school she found out that she was pregnant and was ecstatic! Leading her closer to her dream of having kids non-stop and growing a big family.

Another fun fact about Aubrey is that she loves to cook! She enjoys feeding her family healthy foods that support and nourish their well-being, and can’t imagine doing otherwise. She follows foodies on Instagram to get inspiration for meals and loves Spanish cuisine. She also loves any kind of food that, as she says, “you can put an egg on top of.” While she lived in Belgium, she discovered a delicacy in which an egg is broken over a pizza and thought it was delicious and worth repeating.

When she decided that she was moving back to Grants Pass, she thought, “yes! I can finally go to Club Northwest again” and was eager to get back to the welcoming environment. The Club is the place where she can slow down her fast paced lifestyle and get back in touch with herself because as soon as she leaves here she is cleaning, making food or taking care of her kids. Although she cherishes those activities that support her family life, she loves the time she gets to herself.

Her goals this coming year include growing into her strongest self and she sees that happening here at Club Northwest. Some activities she enjoys, that encourage this growth, are running and lifting. She says she would like to be able to do pull-ups without feeling like her arms are going to fall off, as she says Spongebob’s arms do when he lifts weights. We see that you are strong and amazing Aubrey, and look forward to seeing all the feats you accomplish, Spongebob arms included!

featured member