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featured serrior - Tanya Webb

Our featured Serrior for the month of April is the lovely Tanya Webb. Tanya is a mom to 4 boys and a wife to her husband Keith. She is often surrounded by family as she grew up with 5 brothers and 2 sisters. But she is a role model to more than just her family, Tanya’s story is inspiring for many. Her 4-year transformation journey all started from a hospital bed when she was diagnosed with pneumonia and spent 3 weeks in the hospital. She was very sick and had been for quite some time. To her surprise, her doctor prescribed her a 5k. Determined to live a long life so that she could be here to support her kids as they grew, she took on the challenge.

Her first race was the Pear Blossom, which she walked with an inhaler. It was the beginning of a lifestyle and perspective change that Tanya has continued ever since and we are so glad she did! Besides the 65 pounds that she lost, it led her to find her wellness here at Club Northwest. And when we found out she wanted to join the team we were excited! Tanya works as the Aquatics lead in the mornings and in the afternoon. She is a friendly resource for every member using the pool and she teaches Group Fit Aquatics classes, Aqua Boot Camp and H20 Stretch and Strength. We couldn’t be happier to have Tanya working here with us, happy, healthy and surrounded by her family.

Part of what she says was crucial to the progression of her health was just to get out there. Overcoming her fear of working on herself in front of others is something she said was easy for her to do at Club Northwest because everybody is so friendly. Saying that she, “immediately fell in love because the warmth of being welcomed.”

Something people may not know about Tanya’s life is that her oldest son Austin, who is now 16, was her nephew that she adopted. Her other sons are: Blake age 10, Colton age 6, and Davin age 4. Tanya is a self-proclaimed “momma bear” Saying that her family is the top priority in her life and that she will go above and beyond to protect them. Tanya is a testament to those who undergo hardships and take it as a growing and learning process, coming out as a force of strength for herself and others.

A list of her favorite things would be: family, friends, working out, endorphins. She loves to paddle-board, hunt, ride her quad and run triathlons. Reading is another hobby of hers, especially genres including weight loss, self-love and motivational books like the book 52 Ways to a Kickass Life. Her favorite workouts involve mostly cardio training, frequently using the treadmill and running outside. She is also a big fan of spin class but she likes trying new things and is going to continue experimenting with new classes and workouts. She is always looking to better herself, make healthier choices with eating, exercising and playing with her children. Motivation sourced from her friends, her kids and her husband allows her to push herself and be the best she can be.

When asked where she would travel to if she could be anywhere in the world, she said it would be on the white squishy sand like the Florida beaches have. She says the sand “squeaks when you step on it.” When asked what excites her about life she simply said that getting up every day is enough for her. Tanya focuses on the good and this allows her much happiness in daily life. This is very apparent to us, because it is easy to see the glow you give to those around you as you share the love that you are. Tanya, you are a joy to talk to, a joy to work with, and a joy to know. Thank you for being you!

featured serrior