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featured serrior - Robin Coble

You could say Robin Coble is a Jack of all trades. Right now she is a group fit instructor at Club Northwest, teaching Zumba Gold and Stretch and Strengthen. She is also an on-call lifeguard for the Aquatics center. But that’s not all! In-between these jobs, she works in the aesthetics department and on the safety committee. She has worked at Club Northwest for one year now. It all started when her friend became a member at the Club and invited her to check it out by buying her a guest pass booklet. When Robin first saw the Club her jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe how much there was to do, and how shiny it all was. Jimmy, a membership counselor, was the one who launched her into Zumba Gold when he found out she was certified.

Before she worked here, she had done various nontraditional jobs. Such as an accounting job at a hospital, some work for the public health department, and she drove truck with her husband. Her last job was working at Depot Street as a line cook manager. Another thing you might not guess about her is that she was born in Guam, where she stayed til she was three.

When doing the interview for this bio, Robin was asked what the most challenging part of her job was. She said, “Trying to find the answer to this question.” It is apparent that Robin loves her job. She is always smiling and doing her best to make everybody’s lives easier. She says that the most rewarding part is when she gets to see the excitement in their faces as they get healthier and healthier.

In her spare time she enjoys watching movies, reading, exercising, baking, knitting and crocheting. When she was asked what her dream job is, besides her current job, she said she would love to open a healthy alternative foods bakery. One in which people working with allergies could dine at. She and her husband, Michael, are forming a life coaching team. Michael is getting certified to counsel so he can support their client spiritually and mentally. Robin, who just got her personal training certification, can focus on their nutrition and physical well-being.

In March, she and Michael shared their 30th anniversary. They met on St. Patrick’s Day. In her family, she also has two sisters, Loreina, who is 20 months younger, and Jilliana, who is 10 and a half years younger. And 1 Dachshund named Bobby Dyson, and three cats named Latte Hoover, Venti Rainbow and Espresso Rumba. Names inspired by coffee and vacuum cleaners.

Thank you, Robin, for bringing more beauty to the Club. You are so supportive and loving to all around you and your enthusiasm is contagious. Keep up the great work!

featured serrior