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featured serrior - Hanna Davis

December’s featured serrior is the amazing Hanna Davis. Starting initially as a volunteer, she has now worked at Club Northwest for 11 ½ years. You will most likely find her in the aquatics. She loves being in the water. When she’s not swimming, she’s cleaning! It’s likely that one day you might see her scrubbing the tiles in the pool by hand, with a smile on her face. All in all she says she, “loves keeping it spick and span because she likes making people feel comfortable.”

It takes a knack for detail, strong wrists and shoulders to do what Hanna does. Actually, Hanna has been helped incredulously by the repetitive action of the work, saying that it relieves the pain she has in her shoulders. She has three kids, Dianne, Cynthia and Linda and also 11 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren including 1 set of twins! They were born 3 months early and their birth led to the creation of a special breathing center at the Medford hospital.

Hanna was born in Germany, she was an end of WWII baby. Her family moved from Germany in 1953. Not many people know that Hanna is actually shy, a trait which she contributes largely to the culture she was born into. Because of this she wouldn’t say that she’s a natural mixer or mingler, though she does enjoy talking to the people at the Club. She says, “There’s so much love in this place it’s beautiful, and I love the people here.”

If she could have any job in the world, besides her current job, she would help people find self-love and feel better about themselves. But Hanna says that this is why, “This is the perfect place for someone like me.” We agree that this is the perfect place for you Hanna! Keep up the great work!

featured serrior