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featured serrior - Joy Allen

The passionate and energetic Joy Allen has worked for Club NW for 17 years but has been a member for well over that time. Instructor Deanne Sharp is who got her started teaching classes. We thank you Deanne, because we don’t want to imagine life without Joy!

While Joy was working part-time, she began attending Deanne’s 9 am step class and Joy says that, “she just really inspired me, and I started thinking, maybe I could do this. She took a chance on someone who’d never taught before.” First, Joy got Body Pump certified and then she also learned how to teach Step class. “Deanne took a little branch and made it grow. She took lots of time to work with me and encourage me and that’s why I stayed and got better.” Now Joy teaches the R.I.P.P.E.D. class every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30 and boy is it a work out!

Before she worked at the Club, Joy worked for the State of Oregon. She currently works full-time for Oregon State Police as the one clerical in the Grants Pass office. She says she takes on the role of “Den Mother” because she takes care of them. Born and raised in Grants Pass, Joy graduated from Glendale and has been working for the State of Oregon now for 27 years. She started as a clerical for child support for the Department of Justice and worked her way up to child support agent and lead worker.

She says the biggest challenge for her job here is trying to resolve member’s issues in a positive manner and it is always a learning experience because she wants to create the best possible experience for everyone. The most rewarding part of her job at the Club, is when she is able to provide options which allows all fitness levels to be successful in her class. She wants everyone to know they can participate. She says, “It’s the most fun part of my day, everybody always has fun in class.”

The most challenging part of her Oregon State Police job is dealing with families who have lost a loved one as their departures are unexpected and are often tragic. She says she relies on God to put the right words in her mouth and communicate with compassion.

When Joy’s not working, she enjoys camping and gardening. She has a vegetable garden complete with tomatoes and jalapenos. Something else you might not guess about Joy is that she grew up on a farm and raised pigs for 4-H, she was even the 1986 Grand Champion Swine Showman at the fair!

She and her husband Mike have two children, Tim, age 24 and Emily, age 21. Tim is married and had Joy’s first grandbaby 2 ½ years ago, a little girl named Brooke. Emily is attending Southern Oregon University for their nursing program. They also have one dog, Belle, and two kitty cats, Nacho and Farley.

When we asked Joy what she would want to do if she had any job, she said what she was looking forward to is getting to 30 years at the State of Oregon but also expanding more in her fitness career because it makes her happy. She says, “you gotta stay busy and healthy, I don’t see myself stopping. If grandbaby Brooke wants grandma to go down the slide, grandma’s going to keep up with her.”

Thank you, Joy, for being the love that you are and showing us all how to get R.I.P.P.E.D.!

featured serrior